Open Access

Community-Lab is in Open Access mode in 2015 and the first semester of 2016.

This is our commitment to keep the testbed operational: providing support, services and maintenance of the nodes (on a voluntary basis after September 2015, when the CONFINE project ends).

This means that you or your organization can join the testbed for free (no charge, no funding):

  • As a community network you can join the testbed and you can offer computers (small servers) to host experiments or experimental services. Some details about the setup. These nodes should be connected to the Internet, even behind a NAT, to allow external access (protected by a VPN-like authenticated barrier). Please fill this form to apply.
  • As a research organization you can apply to perform an experiment in the testbed. See this introduction to the testbed for more details. Please fill this form to apply.

New participants should be aware of and accept the Acceptable Usage Policy and Privacy Policy of the testbed, and be also aware that the testbed computers are embedded in production community networks, used by many people, so you’re expected to follow the rules (community license) of the community network(s) you’re visiting and participating remotely while you are using the testbed.

After you submit your application to join as a community network or as a research organization, we will review your application and contact you to clarify any details. Particularly for experiments we need to make sure we have enough resources to run it, and that the experiment is relevant, feasible and safe. Therefore it may take us a few days to reply.